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To register for Online Banking or Online BillPay, call Powerco at (404) 506-3750 or 1-800-633-5217. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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"If only all finance professionals were so on top of their game!"


Would you like to be featured in our Powerco member spotlight, "In Your Own Words"? We welcome your written and photo testimonials! Send us a completed Member Testimonial and Photo Release Form to see your testimonial here. 

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"Personalized Banking at its Best!"

"As member of the Powerco Federal Credit Union family for the last 15 years, it gives me great pleasure to write you in regards to one of your managers which embraces customer service at its highest.

Amelia Anderson, is truly an ambassador to your organization, and goes the extra mile to ensure that her customers’ needs are satisfied. She takes the time to fully understand your banking needs before giving sound financial advice; this has definitely made the banking experience fulfilling and rewarding. It is a breath of fresh air when you call a bank, and you know that the person on the other line cares. I can sincerely say Almelia Anderson cares and every customer is treated special. She treats everyone fairly and gives them the special attention they need whenever it is required.

My experiences when I visit other banks has been horrific (especially big banks), I wish they could have taken a page out of Almelia’s book. I personally thank her for what she does best because I have benefited: “Personalized Banking Service at its Best”

Thank You Powerco for having Almelia Anderson to make my banking experiences an enjoyable one. 

G.A., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 2002

"Always Helpful"

"Stephanie Fuller has been awesome every time we have needed any financial assistance, from loan consolidation, to car loan and anything in between!

She is always so responsive when contacted via email, very knowledgeable and always a pleasure to work with when negotiating the complexities of obtaining a loan. She is so very helpful anytime we just have questions."

D.E., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 2011

"Perfect Customer Service"

"I have always had pleasant experiences with Powerco. The receptionist and tellers are always there to assist in any way they can. Stephanie Fuller has always handled my loan processes with professionalism and perfect customer service."

J.H., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1989

"What an easy process to buy a car!

Stephanie made the process quick and efficient. I will always consider Powerco as my first option going forward."

C.T., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1994

"Outstanding group of people!"

"The array of services Powerco offers is a great mix. Most recently, I took out an auto loan (have had a few over the years). I had signed the deal with the dealership over a weekend. However, I knew Powerco could offer a better finance rate. That next Monday, I went to see Stephanie Fuller. By mid-afternoon my auto loan was recomputed and now with Powerco. Stephanie was super and completely exceeded my expectations in getting this done for me, especially how quickly she turned it around. As a result of that deal, I told Stephanie I was considering refinancing my mortgage. She worked up the numbers on the options available to me. I was blown away with the number of options she provided information on. My difficulty then was making a decision which way to go based on both my short-term and long-term goals. We will be officially starting this process soon... Goodbye Chase and Hello Powerco.

Stephanie is obviously a very busy person all of the time. However, my experience with Stephanie always makes me feel like an important and valued Powerco member. Everyone at Powerco treats me as a valued member, including my general transactions. Everyone is always friendly. I am grateful I am a member of Powerco and if given a choice would always come to Powerco for my banking and loan needs. Outstanding group of people!"

L.G., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1999

"Helped tremendously in calming the storm!"

"Powerco and Stephanie Fuller have exceeded my greatest expectations in my transition from Alabama to Georgia. Not only did I need to move accounts, I also got a car loan and a Christmas loan and my life as pure chaos. Stephanie helped tremendously in calming the storm! Exceptional customer service."

J.G., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 2001

"...Exceeded all expectations"

"I have been a long time member of Powerco Credit Union (30+ years). During that time, I have worked with many of the people employed by Powerco and the services they have provided have always been top-notch. That being said, my most recent experience with Stephanie Fuller has exceeded all possible expectations. 

My daughter is getting married later this year. My wife and I have a budget and we have been adhering to it so far. But this is my daughter and I wanted some flexibility so I approached Stephanie about increasing the limit on my Prestige Line of Credit. She was able to review the request and and approve it in 10 minutes while I was there. The "above and beyond" came while she was reviewing my credit history. She noticed a car loan that was with another lender and asked me about it. It turns out that she was able to refinance my car, cut 6 months off of the note and save me $60 a month. She did all of this while I sat in her office. Both requests were done within 40 minutes. 

It's that type of friendly and caring service that keeps me a Powerco member."

J.A., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1980

"PFCU was there for me."

"I was fortunate to retire in 2009, at age 55. My income was reduced drastically and my pension was one-third of my income. Powerco Federal Credit Union emphasized all the benefits it offered. Therefore, besides having a savings account, I opened CD's, Money Market, line of credit, purchased a car and IRA Roth. PFCU was there for me. If they had not publicized what they offered members and family of members, I wouldn't not have been financially prepared."

B.W., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1982

"Powerco so convenient but it's the staff who makes the difference! Having that personal relationship truly makes it Banking with Ease!"

J.H., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1992

"Icing on the cake!"

"I have been a long-time Powerco member. In 2002, Powerco helped me finance my first car , and I’ve stayed a member ever since. Now, I’m back to see Powerco to finance my next car, and it is in regards to this happy occasion that I have the pleasure to write you. 

After initiating a loan request via Powerco’s website, Powerco staff Almelia Anderson has been working with me to complete the application all the way to loan approval and check issuance yesterday. Through the entire process, Ms. Anderson has been nothing short of exceptional! 

Ms. Anderson was everything that a member client would hope to find in her banker: firstly, Ms. Anderson was extremely prompt and efficient in her responses, whether it was by email or phone. This was very important as I was going through a pretty competitive bid to secure my car and needed to have my financial backing confirmed as quickly as possible. She was also available to speak with the out-of-state auto dealer, and gave him timely and accurate guidance on what Powerco requires in order to process his lien holder and car registration paperwork. 

As if all that wasn’t already great, yesterday was icing on the cake! I went in to pick up my check, to find that Ms. Anderson has gone one big step further: she paid attention to the car mileage and considered my history with Powerco, credit rating and history, and I’m sure many other factors, and determined that I qualified for a great loan rate! This completely made my day! 

All this adds up to make Ms. Anderson simply beyond outstanding. Ms. Anderson's attention to detail, her product knowledge and process flow were all exemplary, which meant I was able to determine the right product for me, and keep the transaction moving forward in an efficient manner, and everybody wins. If only all finance professionals were so on top of their game! 

Ms. Anderson is a credit to your organization, and I could not be more thrilled to have worked and known her through this process."

W.H., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 2002

"The employees are always friendly and helpful."

"My experience with Powerco has been terrific! The employees are always friendly and helpful. I've had many loans with Powerco over the years. They were always there for me when I needed them."

D.W., Valued Powerco Federal Credit Union Member Since 1983

Would you like to be featured in our Powerco member spotlight, "In Your Own Words"? We welcome your written and photo testimonials! Send us a completed Member Testimonial and Photo Release Form to see your testimonial here. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. NMLS# 762143

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