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To register for Online Banking or Online BillPay, call Powerco at (404) 506-3750 or 1-800-633-5217. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Checking Switch Kit

We know that the thought of moving your checking account can be quite overwhelming.

We're here to help you. Use this guide to help you make the switch. We've done most of the work and promise to continue to assist you throughout the process of changing your account.

Are you still wondering if it's worth the effort to switch?

Because Powerco Federal Credit Union is "Member" owned, we focus on delivering unbeatable value to all of our members every day. If you are one of the fortunate people who are eligible to be a Powerco member, this Switch Kit will help you make the change, even if you have bills being paid automatically from your checking account at your current financial institution. Just fill in the blanks on the forms and drop them in the mail.

It really is that easy. We promise.

Download and Print a Switch Kit Now! It's Moving Made Easy!

Moving Made Easy - Brochure

Direct Deposit Change Form

Checking Account Closure Form

Automatic Payment Change Form

Quick Switch Check List

Switch in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Open your Powerco Checking Account with $50.00 or more. Ask for your free Powerco ChekCard and set up your personalized Polly, The Anytime Phone Teller PIN immediately. You can use your Polly PIN for your initial log-in at www.powerco.org to use your free Online Banking and Online BillPay services. Your new Powerco checks and Powerco ChekCard will arrive by mail in just a few days. After you receive your Powerco ChekCard, you’ll receive your PIN a day or so later. The card and the PIN are not mailed  together to protect the security of your Powerco account.

  2. Stop using your old account and allow all of your outstanding checks to clear. This may take up to 10 days or longer, so be sure to do a final balancing at the end of the month. Destroy your old unused checks (shred them if at all possible or bring them to your local Powerco branch and we’ll destroy them for you), along with your old ATM card, check card or debit card.

  3. Change your direct deposits. Fill out the included Direct Deposit Change Form and give it to your employer’s payroll department, the Social Security Administration or your retirement plan. Include a new deposit slip or voided check. We will provide as many of these forms as you may need to complete this process.

  4. Change all of your automatic payments and withdrawals. Use the Automatic Payment Change Form to change any automatic withdrawals or payment services. This includes payments that use your old debit card or check card number. We will provide as many of these forms as you may need to complete this process.

  5. Close your old checking account by sending the Checking Account Closure Form to your old financial institution — there’s no need for you to go by. Your old financial institution will send you a check for the remaining balance in your account.


Switch FAQs

How do I close my old account?

We’ve provided a form that you can sign and date to mail or fax to your other financial institution requesting that they close your account. You can even request to send the remaining balance to your new Powerco Federal Credit Union checking account!

I automatically pay bills out of my other account.

All you have to do is complete, sign and then fax or mail the automatic payment change form to each of the companies that receive your automatic payments.

My direct deposit goes into another account.

Direct deposit is also available at Powerco. We’ve provided a form you can complete to give your employer all of the information needed to start sending your payroll directly to Powerco rather than to your old account.

I don't want to buy stamps to mail all of these forms back and I don't have a fax machine.

Complete the enclosed forms, sign and return them to us. We will fax or mail the forms back to the appropriate companies for you free of charge. We're here to help you in "Powering Your Financial Success."



This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. NMLS# 762143

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