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To register for Online Banking or Online BillPay, call Powerco at (404) 506-3750 or 1-800-633-5217. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Go Direct with Your Federal Benefit Payments

  • Americans who enroll for federal government benefit payments -- including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Affairs, Office of Personnel Management and Railroad Retirement Board can now only receive their payments via direct deposit (or the government's Direct Express Debit MasterCard program).

Credit union members can easily sign up to have their federal benefit payments deposited to their Powerco checking or savings accounts. You should also note that if you do not specify direct deposit, you will automatically be enrolled in the government debit card program.

Getting your payment electronically is safer and more reliable than by paper check. In 2010, more than 540,000 Treasury-issued checks were reported lost or stolen. With direct deposit, the Treasury Department sends an electronic message to your credit union account on your usual payment day with the exact amount of your benefit payment from Social Security, VA or other federal agency. You don't have to worry about your money being stolen out of your mailbox and there's no need to make a trip to cash or deposit a check. Your money is on time, every time. Plus, it's better for the environment and saves taxpayer dollars.

Applying for federal benefits soon?

If you are applying for federal benefits, you will get your money electronically from day one. Be ready to choose direct deposit at the time you apply for benefits. To get your money through direct deposit, here are three things you need to know:

  • The type of account you have (checking or savings)
  • Your Powerco Federal Credit Union nine-digit routing transit number that comes before your account number at the bottom of your checks. Powerco's RTN is 261071551.
  • Your Powerco Federal Credit Union checking or savings account number. Your Powerco savings account number is the same as your member number. Your Powerco checking account number is located at the bottom of your Powerco check and starts with 70000 and is followed by six additional numbers.

Act now and get your money the safest, most reliable way. Sign up for direct deposit of your federal benefit payments today. For more information, visit the Go Direct site.


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. NMLS# 762143

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