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To register for Online Banking or Online BillPay, call Powerco at (404) 506-3750 or 1-800-633-5217. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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ATM Safety Tips

  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not write your PIN on your Powerco ATM card or Powerco ChekCard or leave it in your wallet.
  • Keep your PIN a secret. Someone you trust today may not be trustworthy tomorrow. If you suspect unauthorized use of your card, notify Powerco Federal Credit Union immediately.
  • Stand between the ATM and people waiting to use the machine, and shield the keyboard so others can't see you enter your PIN.
  • Always take your ATM receipt with you or shred the receipt before discarding it. Receipts may contain valuable account information that should be safeguarded.
  • When using an ATM after sunset, consider going with another person to an ATM in a well-lit area. If someone in the area looks suspicious, cancel your transaction, retrieve your card and immediately leave the area. Choose another ATM in a safer area.
  • Have your card ready to insert into the machine before arriving at the ATM, so you don't have to reach into your purse or wallet while standing in front of the ATM.
  • Don't fall for "con" games. If anyone asks you to withdraw money for any reason, leave the area at once. Notify your local law enforcement officials immediately of any criminal activity.
  • Never give information about your account to strangers or inquirers on the telephone. Communicate this information only to Powerco in person.
  • Beware of "Skimmers." Never use your card at a machine that claims to clean or re-magnetize your card. Likewise, if the machine appears to have been tampered with (loose parts, remanufactured, etc.), don't use it. "Skimming" involves modifying an ATM to copy the information from your card from the magnetic strip.
  • Check your account frequently. If you notice any transactions you don't recognize, contact Powerco Federal Credit Union immediately.
  • Count your cash later. Once you've completed your transaction, put your money and card away. Count your money later away from the ATM.


If you detect fraud or identity theft on your Powerco Federal Credit Union accounts:

Powerco Customer Service (404) 506-3750 or 1-800-633-5217
  • Monday - Friday
  • 9 AM - 4 PM (EST)

Powerco VISA® Classic
Powerco VISA® Gold

Lost/Stolen Hotline
  • 24 Hours a Day
  • Seven Days a Week
Powerco VISA® ChekCard Lost/Stolen Hotline
  • 24 Hours a Day
  • Seven Days a Week



This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. NMLS# 762143

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