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To register for Online Banking or Online BillPay, call Powerco at (404) 506-3750 or 1-800-633-5217. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Member Education

What is Internet banking?

Internet Banking uses a web based browser to give you the option to access your account history and transactions from anywhere you have internet access. This is the quickest way to check and see if a transaction has cleared your account. This can help you to find out the amount of a transaction after you have lost your receipt. It also allows you to find out about unauthorized transactions more quickly. This can help you to resolve the issues more quickly.

Can I transfer money between my accounts?

Internet banking allows you to transfer money between accounts much more quickly. It is more convenient than using the automated phone service, and can save you trips to the bank. When you apply or set up your online banking, be sure that all of the accounts you have at the bank are listed. This will make it easier to transfer money and make loan payments online.

How can Online Banking help me protect me from fraud?

Because online banking provides you with the ability to view your account at anytime, it is easier to catch fraudulent activity in your account. As soon as you log into your account, you will quickly see whether there is anything amiss when you check on your deposits and debits. If anyone writes a check or withdraws funds from your account and you know it wasn't you, you will see it right away. This lets you get started on correcting the problem immediately rather than having to wait a month before your statement arrives.

How can Internet Banking help me manage my finances more effectively?

Bouncing a check (accidentally) should be a thing of the past because you can monitor your account online any time, day or night. You can track your balance daily, see what checks have cleared and when and know when automatic deposits and payments are made. This is all possible by simply going online to your financial institutions website and logging into your account.

Is Internet Banking safe?

Internet Banking is safe and easy to use. Financial Institutions use many security features to ensure that your private information stays private and secure.


This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

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